Natural and Minimally Invasive

“There are various ways of performing prophylactic mastectomies, including what we like to do, which is nipple and areola sparing. There are very few centers that do this, but we are unique in this sense.

We would then perform immediate breast reconstruction to give you both volume and contour after mastectomy with or without tissue expanders. It is important to know that if you require radiation therapy, it is best to complete all radiation cycles prior to your final reconstruction.

First about our unique procedure:

Performing breast reconstruction without tissue expanders will require external tissue expansion with a system like BRAVA, followed by fat grafting. This is a safe and minimally invasive procedure, where all of our patients are extremely satisfied. If you choose tissue expanders, we can exchange them for fat grafting during your first procedure, and likely introduce a small implant. The reason being that we do not want to loose the skin envelop that is being maintained by the tissue expanders. This will require a second operation, which is done 3 months down the line, to then remove the small implant, and again perform fat grafting to provide you with the volume and contour that you want.

Breast reconstruction without the use of implants is the superior way! It’s a unique technique and not many people around the world do it. Our technique is a minimally invasive way with NO SCARS, to provide you with natural looking and feeling breasts without the complications of implants. In addition since I will have to perform liposuction to obtain the fat graft, you will benefit from the secondary benefits of body sculpting, which are amazing.

If your nipples and areola were removed, reconstruction can be performed at your last surgery during your breast reconstruction process.”


Machine Expansion inplace

Immediatly after surgery

Second Stage

1 week after Second Stage

Fully Expanded

Preoperative markings

Intra Op

Prior to Second Stager

Post Second Stage

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