Hand Rejuvenation

One of the most visible and active parts of our body is our hands.  We communicate and engage others using our hands, and nothing will give away a persons age faster than the appearance of our hands.  With age, the skin of our hands tends to be on the dryer side, looses its texture and tightness, age spots develop, the tendons and veins become more visible as we loose volume, and lastly we develop fine lines and wrinkles as a consequence. 

We offer multiple treatment options to stop and prevent the aging process in your hands.

  • To improve texture, add elasticity, and remove fine lines/wrinkles, topical creams with moisturizers and multi vitamins, collagen stimulating formulas with retin-A, and perhaps  bleaching agents to combat agings spots can be used.
  • To replenish and give back volume, which will help prevent the visible tendons, wrinkles, and veins from being noticed I use fat grafting with or without the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP).  This unique combination brings stem cells, which help rejuvenate the soft tissues of your hands, providing even more elastic properties, and improving the texture of your hands.

Case 1 – Before

Case 1 – After

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