Hello my hero–the amazing Dr. Calva,

 I’m grateful to be alive, getting healthier by the minute and silicone free – all thanks to you.

The fact that  you were able to make the improvements you did is still beyond a miracle.

Thanks, again, for all you have done for me–and for all the women who can no longer even stand the thought of implants! 

Enjoy your gorgeous Florida weather.


Dr. Calva,

Me encanta volver a tener un abdomen liso y los labios se ven espectaculares.

¡Eres increíble! 


My dear hero,

THANK YOU so much for removing my implants and naturally augmenting them with fat!

In case other women wonder about what clears up when silicone removed:   My eczema (irrational rash that covered 90% of my body) is almost gone; my eyes are not as red and dry (but still have a way to go); brain fog is slowly clearing; and best – I sleep through the night for the first time in years.

If I haven’t told you enough, I am forever grateful to you.



Me estoy sintiendo mucho mejor, los muslos están espectaculares, por primera vez en mucho tiempo llevo traje de baño y me siento super cómoda!

Me encanta como te quedaron los glúteos. 

Eres un artista de la lipo de la espalda es increíble, tengo fotos de antes y se aprecia el cambio.



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